Main / Philosophy «4GUEST» of ACADEMIA company


The competition in any sector of services, including the hotel business, is so huge that consumers have become incredibly exacting and demanding. Beautiful interior, convenient location, favorable prices – all these things can no longer be the main advantages (although it is still important), because everyone can offer it. The only thing that cannot be copied and that can become a criterion for the consumer’s choice is the service.

For ACADEMIA the question of service is not only a way to attract guests, it is the implementation of the concept of individual approach to reality. Therefore, we have formed the loyalty and HR management program “4GUEST”. This is the company’s philosophy, which is based on 4 principles.

The first thing we start our journey to the best service is hiring and recruiting employees. We carefully select candidates for absolutely every position, whether it is an administrator, a maid or a porter, because we understand that the guest’s impression of the rest in our hotel depends on participation and actions of all team members.

A mentor works with each future employee and helps to perceive the mission of our company-to approach all guests individually, that means not just to provide high-quality services and perform their ordinary duties, but to give positive emotions.

The second principle that is important for the hotel operator of ACADEMIA company is the employee’s immersion in the business processes and principles of work in the hotel business.

It means that all employees gain knowledge on working with booking channel managers, document management, cash register and terminal, as well as learn questions on shift transfer, standards of cleaning and checking room, guest check-in and check-out procedures, register and migration registration.

All this knowledge is necessary to understand the internal processes and distribution of responsibilities in order to solve any issues of guests quickly and effectively. We give our employees such knowledge and responsibility that they can help you as quickly as possible, without waiting for help from a higher-level person.

Here the question arises: what to do if the guest’s request does not concern the basics of hotel service and goes beyond the scope of methodological training? Here we turn to the third principle – training of actions in unusual situations.

Future employees are invited to “play”: offer not standard case from the list provided by us and find a solution. Thus, we check the presence of some other important qualities: non-standard thinking, a high degree of stress resistance, creativity, the ability to get out of any situation properly and adequacy.

But not everything depends only on the candidate. In order to save the initiative and motivation, all future employees need to feel their importance and usefulness. Therefore, the last principle of “4GUESTS” philosophy is to encourage the best employees.

With a certain frequency, the company’s management encourages its best specialists with pleasant gifts: awards, trips to other countries, fashionable gadgets, certificates for accommodation in any of the chain’s hotels for themselves, family and friends. We always treat the best ones!

Recently, the company has created a service department and introduced the position of Service Manager. The service manager has to work with guests at all stages: before arrival, during stay and after departure.

Before the arrival of guests, the service manager finds out the individual needs of  guests and controls it: a room with a view on the courtyard or with separate beds, coffee during arrival, transfer, excursions, and so on. But in addition, the employee tries to find out some personal preferences that are not related to hotel services, in order to pleasantly surprise a guest. For example, the service manager can specify what his favorite flower is before the arrival of the guest, and on the day of arrival buy it and put it in the room.

So, the philosophy of ACADEMIA is called “4GUEST” not coincidentally. It is extremely important for the company to work FOR guests and meet their needs as much as possible. The work begins at the hiring staff stage and never ends, because the hotel is a continuously working system that is designed to make every guest feel comfortable and cozy!

Dear Guest, you will enjoy your stay with us!